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Why wait? Get a short notice driving test NOW using the driving test cancellation finder. There are a number of reasons that you may need to get an earlier driving test cancellation than you are able to get with the DVSA. With test waiting times in many areas standing at around 10-14 weeks, with no real prospects of that changing, many people are finding that the use of driving test cancellation services is a must. Among the reasons that people face are:

  • needing to pass the driving test for their job
  • having delayed the theory test and then finding that they are ready for the driving test but cannot get a suitable date
  • having failed the test and needing an early date for a re-test.

Certainly the current driving test waiting times are unacceptable. The DVSA target waiting time is 6 weeks and they are clearly failing to reach this target. Use a driving test cancellation finder to get an earlier test date.

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Why are driving test waiting times so long?

driving test carThere are a number of contributing factors to the problem of excessive driving test waiting times. The DVSA have lost a number of examiners and have failed to replace them adequately. Of course this is great for the DVSA budget as this reduces staffing costs. In addition with the new driving test launched in 2017, considerable resources and man hours are being devoted to the new driving test. The DVSA have run a long term trial of the new test and examiners have needed to be trained in the new test. Training time of course has meant that examiners have not been actually carrying out their core responsibility – to conduct driving tests. Recruitment of new examiners has proved to be along term problem. Examiner pay is not very high. Most driving instructors would need to take a pay cut to become an examiner. So those entering the examiner profession with a driving instructor background are probably unsuccessful instructors or those who want the structure of a full time job without the hassle of running their own business. Because examiner pay is not high, there is also the problem of recruiting high quality trainee examiners.

Getting driving test cancellations

Unfortunately because too many people take their test before they are fully ready the test pass rate is quite low (below 50% nationally). Because their are so many people needing to retake the driving test having failed, this increases the number of tests required. If you didn’t pass first time – make sure that you have had sufficient extra training before your next test to give you the best chance of passing as well as avoiding having to pay another £62 driving test fee.

With driving test cancellation finder services you normally need to book a test yourself. Then, if the wait is too long, when you have a booking number you can try one of the driving test cancellation apps or websites to see if you can get a more suitable date. Be aware though that when you have received a notification you have to act fast. Normally if you have not accepted the new driving test date and time within 20 minutes it will be available for someone else to book. Many providers offer to find you a guaranteed driving test cancellation or your money back. One of the best driving test cancellation finder services is driving test genie.


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Pass First Time & avoid needing a driving test cancellation

One way to avoid the hassle of having to find the best driving test cancellation finder for a re-test is to make sure that you pass your driving test first time. Many people try to skimp on lessons and are really not quite up to test standard when they reach the day of their test. It’s a shame because just a couple of extra lessons could make the difference between a pass and a fail. This DVSA video gives you information about the driving test.