Most people find that getting private practice before their driving test is beneficial. However you should not consider this an alternative to proper driving lessons with a qualified instructor. It always best to discuss your experiences of private practice with your instructor so that he or she can help you to maximize the benefits. Here are some tips to make private practice a better experience:

If you are able to get extra practice in a car belonging to you or a family member then that can enhance your lessons. However, it’s not essential and plenty of people pass with no extra practice at all. If you can get extra practice here are our top tips:

  • Every car is different. At first you may find changing from one car to another is tricky. The biting point and amount of gas and braking required will be different. If the driving school car is a diesel and if your own car is a petrol model you will find some differences, especially that you need more gas with a petrol model which will be easier to stall!
  • Make sure that you practice what you have learnt on your lessons and don’t allow yourself to get into bad habits like coasting or forgetting to check your mirrors.
  • Keep in mind that recommended driving techniques and expectations for the driving test have changed a lot over the years. You may find that current practices such as procedures when restarting after stalling, use of handbrake at junctions, gear changing and steering technique are different now compared to when your accompanying driver passed their test!

Above all keep discussing with your instructor your progress in private practice and ask for his help if things are going too well!