There are numerous driving test cancellation services who broadly speaking provide a similar service for a similar price.

The main features common to all are that you need to have booked your own driving test date first, you then sign up and they then contact you by text or email when new test dates become available.

Do these cancellation services work?
Somewhat surprisingly by and large yes they do!

Most people signing up are happy with the service they receive. Most are able to get a test date that they would not have been able to get otherwise.

How do they do it?
You might have  visions of hundreds of workers all logging on to the DVSA site to try to book tests on people’s behalf. the truth is a little different. Most use robots that logon to the booking site and automatically enter information to find suitable bookings. when an early date comes up then an message is automatically sent to the client in order to make the booking. In a way it’s a bit like using an insurance price comparison site – effectively they logon on your behalf and get the information for you.

Here are details of some of the top services


Driving Test Cancellations 4 All


  • Cost – £18.00 for tests until you PASS
  • An earlier driving test or your money back
  • As many test changes as you need
  • Unlimited use until you PASS your test
  • Notifications by email and either text message or  mobile app
  • Quick sign up process